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Invitation to the Blogs, Articles and Short Comments for legal awareness and legal updates

(Submission Process and Rules)

  1. SLTHRA invites short articles, comments and blogs for legal awareness.

  2. SLTHRA will seek articles and blogs from legal professionals, academicians, scholars and law students. It seeks articles and blogs for the legal awareness purpose.

  3. Blogs and articles should be focused on legal awareness and information for the citizens of the country on various issues such as human rights, fundamental rights, property rights, traffic rules, e-banking transactions, cybercrimes, agriculture policy and farmers’ rights, commercial transactions, alternative dispute resolution, mediation and conciliation in family disputes and matrimonial relation etc.

  4. Blog or article must be in 1500-4000 words written in word file.

  5. Blogs and articles may be send in word files and also in pdf files on

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